The 2017-2018 daily bell schedule can be downloaded HERE.

  • The school operates on a 4 X 4 quarter system. Teachers support and advise students in preparation for ongoing demonstrations of learning, internships, and projects.

    The school day is 8:12-2:42 for Juniors and Seniors and 9:00-3:30 for Freshmen and Sophomores.
  • Monday through Thursday periods 1-4 are 75 minutes long, with a 30 minute lunch between 3rd and 4th period. Maverick hour is 44 minutes long for tutoring, advisory time, etc. There is a Maverick Hour in the morning before 1st period for Juniors and Seniors and after 4th period for Freshman and Sophomores. The passing periods – time moving from class to class – are 4 minutes each.
  • Advisory and tutorial periods are built into schedule – Maverick Hour.
  • Fridays are collaboration days. All students begin at 9:30am and end at 2:30pm to allow for staff development time. Maverick Hour is 18 minutes long and is between 2nd and 3rd periods.
  • University style quarter system, 4X4 block. Students will normally take two core classes, a Career Technical Education Class, and an elective each quarter.
  • Students can acquire credits rapidly, allowing for time for possible internships and college classes their junior and senior years.
  • Students are required to participate in a quarterly showcase of their learning each year.