welcome to idea
IDEA Center High School established 2015

Our Mission:

IDEA Center High School supports students emotionally and academically, guiding them to showcase and take ownership of their learning through innovation, design, exploration, and achievement. With a culture of curiosity, collaboration, and risk-taking, we inspire students to explore passions, embrace challenges, and make meaningful contributions through project-based learning.

Our Vision:

Forging strong, positive connections with students so they can achieve independence, build confidence, and gain knowledge to succeed in an ever-changing world.

IDEA Center Student Learning Objectives

Staff will promote innovation, design, exploration, and achievement in an emotionally and academically supportive and safe environment.
Students will:
  • Innovate multiple ways to learn and demonstrate their knowledge with emphasis on revision,

  • Design an inclusive community where diversity in learning and people is understood and welcomed,

  • Explore ideas via inquiry to develop critical thinking skills, academic literacy and risk-taking,

  • Achieve academic, social, and emotional goals through reflection and self-advocacy.