I'm so excited and relieved that I found the Idea Center High School for my third child. As I stated I've had two other children go through Public School and I was not happy with a lot of District policies School morale an educational choices. it seems like even the staff didn't want to be there so in turn why do we think that the kids didn't want to be there? When you walk into the idea Center High School a good morning from that stuff is an actual genuine good morning! Smiles from ear-to-ear and you can tell by just their mannerism that they all want to be there I was blown away on the tour with all the different classes that they offer because they're more like real world situations. My daughter Cassidy is a little bit reluctant to go because she's scared of the unknown but I know wholeheartedly way deep down in my soul that this school will give my daughter the tools that she needs 2 reach her goals of being a lawyer a dream that she's dreamed every since I can remember. we're just going to jump in the deep end with this one because I'm sure he Idea Center Academy is going to help her swim! And be there every step of the way.

This is an amazing school! My daughter started there last year and she absolutely loves it! I wish this school was around when I was in high school!
I love this school! Classrooms are under 20 kids so they are doing better because the teacher has time to work with them one on one. The staff is great and always give a warm welcome. It was like a family feeling in some ways.
Our son came in as a Junior for the first year of this amazing school and we witnessed a total transformation in his achievements. Best decision we ever made for him!
I absolutely love this school. If it were not for your amazing staff, and their continued support of his education and goals, my son probably would not have graduated on time. I know he is proud to say he is part of the class of 2016, the first graduating class of Idea!