We posted a survey for students in March of 2018. Here are a few of their responses.


Why did you choose to attend IDEA?


LM - 10th - The classes are smaller and there are (fewer) classes.

LTM - 9th - ...Later start with fewer classes with more attention and there’s only 4 periods.

JS - 9th - I like that it’s non-traditional.

DK - 9th - I joined for a different style of learning.

RG - 9th - The normal public way of teaching was not working for me so a teacher I had in eighth grade recommended IDEA center (to me).

LR - 12th - Teachers have more time to focus on the students.

CP - 11th - The campus (is) small and the staff are all nice.


What are the reasons you like or appreciate IDEA?

AA - 10th - Most teachers generally care.

RS - 11th - The individuality.

BL - 12th - The staff is full of wonderful, hard-working people who help students learn what they should to be successful.

JB - 9th - I appreciate the teachers and their really amazing personalities and skills.

CB - 9th - The teachers are willing to help students, and smaller classroom settings.

RG - 9th - I like how small the school is. It makes for a very welcoming and very easy first year transition into the school. The teachers, as well, are my one of my favorite reasons I came to IDEA Center. I genuinely feel like for the first time in my life I'm learning and enjoying (it). Coming to school no longer feels like a death sentence anymore.

LR - 12th - I like IDEA because it helps (you) get credits back if you’re behind.

CP - 11th - The teachers give you help when you need it (and) they will give you opportunities to work with them 1 on 1 and it helps.


What would you tell a student who is thinking about attending IDEA?

BL - 12th - IDEA Center is one of the best schools in the district. The teachers are helpful, the CTE classes offered here make the day enjoyable, and the campus is much smaller than a traditional high school. It feels safe.

LM - 9th - I think this school is really good for people with social anxiety or just anxiety.

JS - 9th - I would tell them that it's a good school and I recommend it.

CB - 9th - Make sure to ask questions, and to study.

DK - 9th - Join and give it a chance.

RG - 9th - This is not the school for everyone. It’s a lot quieter and students work in a very different way compared to normal schools. So if your looking into going here, you have to understand this is a school where people who don't work well in "normal" schools go. This school is for the kids who, in the public eye, look like we were going down the wrong road. This school will change your life if you think that your not a good student. Trust me, from someone who was awful at school, once I came to IDEA Center I enjoyed learning again. This school is not another public school. It’s not a school where people dump their troubled kids. This school is much more than that. This school is for those who genuinely want to learn but never could because of how public schools teach. So that's why I love going to this school.

CP - 11th - It's a great school. The staff are nice and the teachers care for you and want (you) to succeed. They let you work on your own pace and it’s a good working environment.