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video by Jake Bulette class of 2020 and Ian Villanueva-Wright class of 2020
What more should we consider before choosing IDEA?

What more should we consider before choosing IDEA?

IDEA Center High School established 2015
  1. IDEA is a Project Based Learning (PBL) school. PBL courses center on students collaborating on a group project. Part of the course assessment is the students’ overall collaboration with their groups and participation in a “showcase” at the end of the quarter and/or semester. The showcase is an evening where all students will verbally present their learning from their PBL courses to the Maverick Community. For some classes this can be a sizable part of the students’ final grade.

  2. IDEA has limited after school sports and club activities due to our size. However, we encourage all of our students to either join sports or other extracurricular activities at their neighborhood school or get involved in outside community activities which will help with getting jobs or getting accepted to four year institutions after they graduate.

  3. IDEA students can take more classes their freshman and sophomore years to allow time their junior and senior years to get jobs, internships, and go to community college to begin the next phase of their education while still in high school.

  4. IDEA students may, due to course offerings, begin period 2 (9:24) or end after period 3 (1:08) each day. Students behind in credits may need all 4 periods each day.  

  5. IDEA does not offer Honors or AP courses at this time. However, you can take college courses your junior and senior years at Grossmont or Cuyamaca Colleges.

  6. IDEA has some makeup classes built into the master schedule to assist with credit recovery, but we do not have an on-site learning center and do not offer any online classes at this time.

  7. IDEA has limited special education staff and resources.

  8. IDEA has a kind, motivated, and professional staff who cares about your student.

Questions? Please contact our Vice Principal’s Secretary, April Clement, at 619-956-4625 or aclement@guhsd.net.

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