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Welcome to IDEA Center

Welcome to IDEA Center


IDEA Center High School is a WASC Accredited school open to students in the Grossmont District, grades 9-12. We focus on college and career readiness through Project Based Learning (PBL). Characterised by small class sizes and an integrated curriculum infused with technology, students receive Chromebooks to take advantage of online resources, collaborate within learning communities, and develop real-world thinking skills.


Students will be supported, mentored, connected, and valued as individuals. Teachers are content experts who serve as mentors/advisors to each student and work to support their academic needs and personal growth.  Students in each grade level may participate in experiences like industry tours, and seminars. Juniors and Seniors have opportunities for job shadows and internships, that bring relevance to the school curriculum.  All stakeholders in the school commit to success for all students. With longer periods each day, teachers have time to further motivate students and help them build the confidence and skills needed for their academic and personal successes.

IDEA is a Project Based Learning (PBL) school. PBL courses center on students collaborating on a group project. Part of the course assessment is the students’ overall collaboration with their groups and participation in a “showcase” at the end of the quarter and/or semester. The showcase is an evening where all students will verbally present their learning from their PBL courses to the Maverick Community. For some classes this can be a sizable part of the students’ final grade.
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