Christi Carroll

Counselor Christi Carroll
Last Names: (a-h)
Phone: (619) 956-4644


Lavar Watkins

Counselor Lavar Watkins
Last Names: (i-z)
Phone: (619) 956-4645

Social/Emotional Counselor 


Jacqueline Corley

Social and Emotional Counselor Jackie Corley
Last Names: (a-z)
Phone: (619) 956-4662
Counseling QR Code. To request a counseling session please contact:
To request a counseling session with Ms. Corley
during school hours
scan the QR code above
or email 

Guidance Information Specialist (GIS)


Anissa Arroyo

GIS: Anissa Arroyo
Phone: (619) 956-4641

The Counseling department is committed to providing educational (academic and college planning) as well as social and emotional support to students in order to help each student acquire the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to have a successful and positive high school experience, and achieve their goals
Parent/Guardian Appointments 
If you have a question about your student's current grade or course content, please contact the teacher directly. If you have a general counseling question or concern, the most effective way is to contact us via email and/or phone. However, please keep in mind if the issue you wish to discuss is teacher-related you should consider contacting the teacher first. 
Diverse, Inclusive, Accepting, Welcoming, Safe Space for everyone.      mental health is important    This is a safe space, everyone is welcome  talk to a counselor today